अन्नम् ब्रह्म

“Annam Brahma”

“Annam Brahma” is an ancient Vedic philosophy which translates to “Food is Divine“.

It is a beautiful approach to respecting our food and it’s source. It celebrates love, peace and kindness towards your food source and those who are a part of that process.

It amplifies sharing, gratitutde and appreciation.

In essence, this philosophy permeates into every aspect of your life. It builds an attitude of love and appreciation that overflows and washes blessings onto you in tenfold!

I chose this philosophy to represent my blog and my business as I believe it represents me fully on most days and represents who I want to be on others.

So stay tuned for tasty ideas and also feel free to request any thing you want to see me post about, any ingredients you have been afraid of trying, or recipes that revamp your favourite vegetables. And of course yummy vegan desserts that taste like their traditional versions!


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