Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone, I’m a Vegan, a dog-mom, an artist and an advocate for cruelty free living. I started this blog because of my instagram following. I have a dessert company called Annam Brahma (also check Annam Brahma Instagram) My company caters exclusively vegetarian and vegan desserts.

I have been a vegetarian most of my life and recently became a vegan. I am passionate about living a cruelty free lifestyle and making that accessible to others who are interested in trying. So, whether or not you are a vegan, vegetarian or you want to learn more about plant based lifestyles, you are welcome here.

Although I started my Instagram account primarily to share dessert pictures for my business, I ended up sharing meals as well. From the interest I have received I decided to create this platform to share my recipes so more people can enjoy them!

There are many many vegan recipes out there and some amazing short videos that show you how to cook it as well! I’m so happy to see this as things have come a long way from being on my own coming up with recipes and having no online resources to fall back on. Even with all these amazing resources I am still going to start this blog to share my recipes for an important reason. That is, to give a voice to the Caribbean Vegan.

As a vegan in the Caribbean ( I live in Trinidad) its easy to create meals at home with the vast array of tropical fruits and veggies at my disposal! Going out for meals however can be challenging as options are limited and there is always the risk of cross contamination. There is also a general lack of respect for veganism in Trinidad. Although gaining stride, veganism is seen mostly as a fad diet, a healthy option and not a lifestyle choice. It is certainly only accepted at face value and never inspected for the serious issues that it takes a stand against.